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MMA utilise the very latest in building engineering software to provide precise, energy efficient and coordinated building services designs. MMA utilise REVIT and IES software inhouse to produce accurate 3D energy models of buildings.

As part of any proposed project, we look to utilise 3D BIM modelling at key stages throughout the design to ensure a coordinated proposal between all consultants ensuring the correct design decisions are made at all key junctures. Full energy modelling is essential in modern design to accurately assess the energy performance of the building and to assist in the production of the required planning documents of major councils and city authorities.

Coupled with a breadth of technical ability and extensive experience of tried and tested solutions, we have adopted a number of core working principals which provide an edge over our competitors.

“Great projects require the Highest Quality Output at Every Stage.”

Sustainable Design

Sustainable building solutions are now at the heart of all building design, whether as part of new build, refurbishment or retrofitted solutions.

MMA employ sustainable measures through the integration of passive design, simplified operation, water conservation, high performance materials and low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies, all of which assist in reducing environmental impact, conserving resources and providing improved energy security.

Our engineers are fully conversant with the latest legislation, local and regional policy requirements governing sustainable design and have developed a range of tools to assess their impact. In our experience, an early and open dialogue with the planners is advocated to eliminate any projects risks or discrepancies.

MMA have experienced BREEAM, SAP, SBEM and EPC assessors who provide detailed guidance to Clients and the design team to ensure targets are met in the most economic, efficient way.


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