For all MMA projects, the contractor is required to submit information for MMA and the design team to review as part of the full contract. Please see below details and templates of all the details required.

Intrusive Survey

The contractor shall allow to complete a full intrusive survey of the building. The contractor shall identify all redundant and non-redundant services. Any services to be retained should be fully validated to enable a complete coordinated design.
Where equipment is redundant the contractor shall allow for all safe drain-down, disconnection, removal and disposal of equipment. A survey report shall be issued to MMA prior to works commencing onsite.

Request for Information

Where the contractor has reason to request information the contractor shall issue a copy of the MMA RFI form fully and return to the project manager with sufficient time to action.

Technical Submittals

Coordinated Equipment Selection. Prior to ordering any equipment, including equipment specified by MMA, the contractor shall issue a copy of the MMA TS (technical submittal) form and return to the project manager with sufficient time to action. Any equipment or ancillaries ordered or installed prior to acceptance will be the responsibility of the contractor.

Working Drawings

The Contractor shall be responsible for the correct setting out of the works and shall provide fully detailed and co-ordinated working drawings. The Contractor shall be responsible for co-ordinating his working drawings with all other information, structure, interior details, etc., along with the Architect’s and Structural Engineer’s drawings. The drawings shall be fully dimensioned ready for installation.


The Contractor shall supply a comprehensive set of O&M’s and record drawings of the works. The record drawings shall be based upon the working drawings, with revisions made to reflect what is installed on site. the O&Ms should be based on the Project Managers O&M template.

Project Completion

Prior to competition, the contractor shall issue a completed copy of the MMA document ‘Information Required Prior to Practical Completion’. MMA will not chase the issue of the document, but this should be fully completed will all associated documents attached. It should be assumed that PC will not be given without this document being approved by the Project Manager.